How to Select Your Next Contract Manufacturer

Choosing a new component manufacturer for your business needs can be a stressful and uncertain ordeal. However, once armed with the right knowledge and list of questions to ask, the process becomes a relatively straightforward task.

Quality & Performance

When comparing multiple contract manufacturers, the most important things to search for are quality workmanship, long-lasting performance, and uncommon reliability. Ask yourself how much trust you have in your current outsourced component  vendor and whether you can afford to risk your business on the performance of sub-par parts.

Our components are made with the best starting materials, and our manufacturing process is overseen by top technicians. Our components generally  out-perform the competition and are sold at a very competitive price point.


Since the advent and spread of the internet, researching a parts manufacturer has become even easier. When comparing multiple manufacturers, it is important to investigate your options’ reviews on websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google. In addition, a simple web search using the company’s name can unearth a great deal of information in the first couple pages of results.

Furthermore, the client testimonial page on the company’s website can provide you with detailed information on what aspects of the business the manufacturer excels in, as well as information about their range of clients. Lastly, press releases are often a valuable tool in your research, as they can provide information on major projects, clients, and innovations within their field.

While the internet can be a valuable tool for assessing the suitability of potential manufacturing sources, nothing beats a plain one-on-one conversation. Once you have narrowed down your list of options, you may find it useful to ask for the contact information of one or two current clients. These contacts can provide you with information and the quality and durability of the company’s components, but can also give you a sense of their customer service capabilities, ability to meet deadlines, and responsiveness.


When assessing potential component manufacturers, it is important to always gather more than one quote. This allows you to gain leverage during the sales process, get detailed information on what your business relationship would look like, and determine what key information is missing from each company’s quote. In addition to a basic line item cost breakdown, you should request that key information such as the manufacturing processes’ environmental impact and hidden fees such as taxes, shipping and fuel costs, and packaging costs.