Why Choose A Pittsburgh Manufacturing Company?

Why Should You Choose A Pittsburgh Contract Manufacturing – Machine Shop  Company?

American flag with text beneath that says Made in the USA

Like most business owners who rely on Machine Shops or Contract Manufacturing Companies, you have come across both American and Chinese manufacturing companies.

Both seem to offer the same products and services, but at significantly different price points, and you have probably asked yourself: what’s the difference?

Why does a company like Centrx offer higher prices for our Components, when a Chinese manufacturing concern offers a reduced price for their “identical” Components?

Well, the simple answer is that they are not the same products, and that there are significant risks associated with working with a foreign manufacturing company.

American Manufacturing Companies

If you need a technical and specialized product that fills a key role in your production process, you will be best served by working with an American firm. American companies like Centrx simply have more stringent manufacturing and hiring standards than foreign companies.

At Centrx, we only use high-end input materials and state-of-the-art computers and machinery. This helps to ensure that your Components are made to last and will not break down after a short time in use.

Additionally, American companies hire experienced workers with advanced degrees and training at the finest universities in the world, helping to ensure that defects are identified and fixed before the product reaches your doors.

Another common concern for American purchasers is the risk of negligent or dangerous working conditions in your foreign factory coming to light and damaging your reputation.

One only needs to look at the recent negative press that Apple Computers received as a result of the working conditions discovered in their production facilities in China.

Conditions were so bad that employees were committing suicide and a full investigation brought world-wide condemnation to bear on the brand. Causing lasting damage among their consumer base.

These are people who care about the working and living conditions of the people who produce their consumer products.

Intellectual Property

Another key benefit of working with an American company, especially as opposed to a Chinese firm, is the respect for intellectual property rights.

American companies are required by law to protect any intellectual property that they have access to as a part of the manufacturing process.

East Asian firms on the other hand, and Chinese firms in particular, have a well-deserved reputation for stealing confidential intellectual property information.

Then, using it to build competing products, while avoiding the costly and time-intensive hassle of actually researching and developing these products on their own.

Lastly, working with an American firm is simply more convenient and less of a hassle than dealing with foreign companies.

When working with an American firm, you can do business with the knowledge that your business partners speak perfect English and that there is no risk of information getting lost in translation.

In addition, you have the ability to easily visit the manufacturing facilities, speak with the engineering and production staff.

Also, you will receive deliveries faster since there is no need to deal with either customs or international shipping times.