The Importance of Accurate Machine Shop Delivery Estimates

Dolly with three different sized boxesAs a leader in the Machine Shop arena , we understand how important accurate delivery estimates from your suppliers are for your business. Inaccurate delivery estimates can wreak havoc on your entire production line.  Often leading to idle employees and machinery, cost overruns, and angry customers on your end. What’s more, we understand first-hand how many component suppliers make late deliveries a normal part of doing business. However, the manufacturing business does not have to be this way. That’s why the team at Centrx is dedicated to providing accurate delivery estimates on all of our Machine Shop production orders.

Our Commitment

The Centrx team commits to always provide accurate delivery estimates for every order that we complete. We understand that providing an accurate quote may put us at a disadvantage in the bidding process. Since some companies will mislead delivery time in order to secure a contract. With no concern for how this false information will affect your bottom line and relationship with your own customers. However, we believe that maintaining a sterling reputation within the industry is the key to secure new customers and maintaining strong relationships with our existing partners.

Common Causes of Delivery Delays

Production Capacity

Related to the profit motivation, many companies will take on more business than their Machine Shop  production line can handle. Doing so with a hope that their employees will somehow make up the difference. We understand that companies are limited by their current equipment and production line capabilities, and we will never promise something that we cannot deliver.


Many companies fail to meet their delivery deadlines because of issues with their own procurement policies. Component manufacturers who work with the cheapest raw material suppliers will face the same problems when working with sub-par component manufacturers. If they cannot receive their raw materials in-time, they will inevitably deliver your components late. That is why we exclusively work with the best raw material suppliers in the United States.

Employee Buy-in

At Centrx, we understand how important employee morale is to maintaining a cohesive and productive working environment. When employees believe in your mission and have a sense of ownership over their company and production line, they take pride in meeting and exceeding deadlines. That’s why all of Centrx’s employees are provided with industry-leading pay, excellent benefits, and a clear path to leadership roles. This ensures that our staff is among the most motivated and efficient manufacturing teams in the country.