Centrx Inc., Your Machine Shop in Pittsburgh

Our purpose is providing CNC machined parts and contract manufacturing services to Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

We are here for the customer who seeks a close and dependable working relationship. High quality workmanship and on-time deliveries are a given in today’s manufacturing.

Beyond those core manufacturing fundamentals Centrx excels in close attention to customer relationship and needs and is capable of tailored manufacture and supply programs on a one-by-one basis.

Despite technology today allowing business relations across the globe many of the benefits of close-proximity manufacturing and supply are compromised or not even feasibly possible with distant manufacturing and supply.

Centrx prefers to work closely with each customer’s engineering department and their procurement department. Building personal relations with the individuals filling those shoes allows us to develop proactive solutions to demanding supply chain needs.

Centrx has been in business for over twenty years closely catering to Pittsburgh area customers. Our clients range from Energy and Defense industries to Transportation and Industrial. Our work is \used in the mass of heavy machinery to the delicateness of electronic circuitry.

Our work has reached the poles and the blue skies to the depths of the Soudan Numi mine. But don’t let our world achievements give the false perception you’ll be lost or just another ‘part’ in some mass-producing job shop!

Centrx is a small manufacturer who really cares! We love our customers! Whatever your industry, whatever your project, we use your design specifications to produce to your exact needs with high precision and on time deliveries.

We understand each customer has a specific timeline and budget. We have developed efficient workflows which reduce production lead times, lower costs and reduce waste. Therefore creating an efficient production timeline while advancing our green initiative of being an environmentally conscious company.


An image of the Pittsburgh Skyline on a sunny day showing the 3 rivers, not a cloud in the sky


Often, we see a cost reducing manufacturing alternative for a part or component submittal. In such cases our engineering allows us to suggest different methods of manufacture while still meeting original specifications and criteria.

We’re able to back up alternative proposals with 3D CAD modeling reducing demand on the customer’s engineering group with the goal of lower cost supply.

Utilizing and pioneering advanced technologies in the manufacturing field combined with personal client care puts us ahead of other Pittsburgh contract manufacturer and machine shop companies.