Centrx Inc. is a contract manufacturing company located near Pittsburgh, PA. and we take pride in our customer service.

Clients rely on us to be their contract manufacturing company who will provide the highest quality manufacturing with great precision in the production of every individual component.

Whether our clients need a prototype or finished parts they can count on everything being manufactured to their exacting specifications. And we do so in the most cost efficient manner.

We start with a meeting with the client and go over all the details of the part or parts to be manufactured.

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Sometimes the client will have exact specifications on the part they need, other times we must get creative and do some reverse engineering.

For example, a part comes from an old machine no longer in production, there may not be any diagrams or spec sheets. Maybe the product is ultimately a prototype and the specs will have to be adjusted.

Nevertheless, detailed specifications or not, we will review with the client their timeline and the order of all the processes. Then determine the most efficient, and therefore cost effective, manner of manufacturing what they need. Be it a single piece or a number of duplicate parts.

When deemed most efficient, some of our initial work is done with 3D printing. Not just to verify we have the tolerances correct. In addition, if the client is in the prototyping phase they can use the 3D print to adjust their own designs.

3D print designs save us and you time as well as money during the design and test stages. Once a 3D print is verified as being at the exact specs, we can proceed to the machining of a metal version of the final part.

Going Green

Being a machine shop and contract manufacturing company, we also consider ourselves at the forefront of being a green company.

In the machining industry this is rather new compared to other industry sectors which have been “green” for years.

To us, going green is, in part, the ability to melt down waste metal to reuse where possible. And shutting down idle machines to conserve energy, just for starters. Going green makes good business sense as well as helping the environment.

Get in touch with us about your next project. We want to give you the highest quality and the best price of any machine shop in Pittsburgh.