Centrx Inc. Your Modern Machine Shop Serving Pittsburgh And Surrounding Area

We Offer 20 Plus Years of Experience As A Go-To Modern Machine Shop.

As you develop your project and begin to design all the parts required for assembly, you are bound to need pieces which are not common place.  This is where a Modern Machine Shop comes in.  We are able to review with you all the design specs you have for each and every part you require.

Precision is the name of the game.  Interlocking pieces must be within fractions of a millimeter. If machining a worm gear, for example, you do not want any slip or vibration with its connection to the adjoining gear.  A seemingly simple mounting plate must have mounting holes in precise placement; the holes having exacting dimensions and the plate itself must be shaped and fitted with precision.

When you hire us to manufacture and machine the parts you need, you are placing trust in our highly skilled team of CAD designers and machinists to get it right.  To that end, we start by going over the requirements you have for the parts to be machined and how they will be used.

Pittsburgh Machinist

We understand that you are seeking out a Pittsburg Modern Machine Shop to manufacture parts which may individually, or as a group, be considered proprietary.  We understand and will maintain that confidentiality. Trust is just as important to us, and to you, as is reliability in a fabricated piece.

As we meet with you to go over your designs, our highly trained team members will review your specifications and, if you have questions or concerns about your own design, they are able to make qualified suggestions to meet your end needs.

As a Modern Machine Shop, we will develop a project workflow which helps to keep material costs down and creates an efficient manufacturing process flow; the end goal is to stay within budget and on time.

If you do not have the precise measurements, it may be that having us create a 3D printed model for you to test and work with would be a better use of time and money.  After working with a 3D print model and getting it to the precise measurements, the metal fabrication can begin.

As a trusted Pittsburgh Modern Machine Shop, we invite you to give us a call and schedule a meeting, just to get acquainted.  We are glad to give you a tour of our design area and manufacturing floor and have you meet our skilled engineers and machinists.

We can show you examples of our work and answer any questions you may have about any step along the entire process: from design to fabrication and then delivery.  This will also give us a chance to get to know you, your company and learn a little about your project and how we can help you meet your ultimate goal.