Industry Leading Machine Shop Customer Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Centrx could not be considered part the service industry. We machine OEM parts and a broad spectrum of other tools and parts for manufacturing. But that doesn’t mean service can’t be a core part of who we are. Customer service that is.

Here’s why we think customer service is so important:

Happy Clients:

Customers are our number one priority, apart from providing industry leading products that exceed all expectations. If we don’t shine in dealing with our clients, our products won’t shine either, no matter how good they are.

Increased Productivity:

When we consistently provide great customer service and match what we provide with exactly what our clients need, our productivity increases immensely, our sales go up, and our company grows, all allowing our high standards to reach higher.


Less complaints means less work. When we focus on our customers and clients, what their needs and expectations are, we can give them exactly what they expect first time around.

Our stringent standard for excellence goes beyond our products and our customer service. In every aspect of our company our goal is to always shine above and beyond expectations.

We marry what many would say are opposing objectives together: Industry leading Machine Shop parts and active protection and preservation of our environment and making profit. Why? Because we believe caring for the environment is important, and we wouldn’t sacrifice our standards here, or anywhere in our company.

Another facet of our standards for excellence is shown in our Legal Compliance. No matter the project, we follow all federal, state, and local regulations, no matter what. And we guarantee, no matter the regulations, that we will more than meet our client’s needs. Because compromise is not an option.

At Centrx, providing the very best is what we do, and making sure we provide stellar customer service is the first step. We specialize in machine shop OEM parts, but our line of products spans all industries, from automotive to automation.

Don’t hesitate to call us for an in-depth consultation. Let us prove to you what we mean when we say customer service is one of the most important things in our industry.

We provide industry leading products and standards, and our customer service reflects the same. Give us a call today!