Your one-stop-shop for all custom machining needs

We’re the only machine shop serving Pittsburgh for over twenty years, and as experts in the custom manufacturing business, we have the team and technology to fabricate precision parts to your exacting specifications.

Our custom parts are made with high-grade materials and are used across many industries, such as automotive and defense. Contact us to discuss your specific machining project and application.

The Only OEM Fabrication Machine Shop Serving Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

Many of the parts we fabricate become a piece of a final assembly which bears the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) name. It is said that you are known by the company you keep; to have our work become part of an OEM name makes us proud. And they would not stamp their mark on anything less than great.

a young very attractive woman with brunett hair and blue eyes, she is holding up a machine shop part and she is smiling widely. She looks very happy.

And Centrx is a machine shop serving Pittsburgh, primarily, our work is distributed across the globe. Centrx did not achieve our status without earning our way. We have a team of skilled engineers and fabricators.

Centrx custom manufacture parts to exacting specifications, the end product having tolerances to within fractions of a millimeter. It is not unusual for the parts we make to ultimately reside in harsh conditions, such as under extreme temperatures. We use the right materials for the right use and  task it is
designed to perform.

But whether the parts you need are large and for some piece of heavy equipment/mobile transport or the parts required are small and delicate for use on circuit boards, heatsinks or mounting brackets, we have the equipment, tools, materials, and experienced machinists to make it a reality.

Centrx Inc. is a Pittsburgh company that takes your project to heart. We keep your proprietary designs proprietary. We work alongside your engineers to make sure we deliver exactly what you need.

If you think you might want to make modifications to the design once you have seen the finished work, we can help save you time and money by producing a 3D model for you to test and to make design modifications. Once you have the 3D model conformed to your requirements we can begin the actual fabrication.

Environment and Efficiency-Focused Machine Shop Serving Pittsburgh

And we have made our facility energy efficient, we handle materials in an environmentally friendly way. We’ve developed project workflows that reduce overhead costs and material waste. And you are invited to give us a call to schedule a time when you can meet our team and tour our facility! Check us out, see examples of our work. We want to earn your trust and build for you the parts you need to achieve your business goals.