The Importance of Accurate Machine Shop Delivery Estimates

As a leader in the Machine Shop arena , we understand how important accurate delivery estimates from your suppliers are for your business. Inaccurate delivery estimates can wreak havoc on your entire production line, leading to idle employees and machinery, cost overruns, and angry customers on your end. What’s more, we understand first-hand how…read more?

Centrx Inc., Your Modern Machine Shop Serving Pittsburgh PA

Our purpose is providing CNC machine shop parts and contract manufacturing services to Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

We are here for the customer who seeks a close and dependable working relationship. High quality workmanship and on-time deliveries are a given in today’s manufacturing. Beyond those core manufacturing fundamentals Centrx excels in providing the best customer service to our customers.

Despite technology today allowing business relations across the globe, many of the benefits of close-proximity manufacturing and supply are compromised or not even feasibly possible with distant manufacturing and supply. learn more?



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Latest Machine Shop Technologies

Industry 4.0: have you heard of it? Machine shop technology evolves continuously over time, bringing us to the current, fourth era of the industrial revolution.

The era of steam and water powered tools was Industry 1.0.  And Industry 2.0 issued in the era of electricity.  Industry 3.0 welcomed computers into the machine shop. Industry 4.0 takes on the internet.

Around 2011 is when we officially entered industrial revolution 4.0 .  Far more reaching than just connecting a computer to a drilling machine or lathe, now the machines are networked to each other within the machine shop, to the front office and globally, if you want.  learn more?

The Latest Machine Shop Technologies

Cutting Edge Tech

Machine Shop Future Tech

image of a CNC Water-jet Cutter in action a close up of the nozzle with high pressure water jetting out of the tip onto a silver colored metal material it has a strange pink glow on 1 side and a even stranger green tube leading to the cutter head, it's a black background and the contracts look very cool.

Centrx For 21 Years Providing Cutting Edge Machine Shop Services in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Area

About Centrx Inc. A Pittsburgh PA. Machine Shop – Contract Manufacturer

With more than 20 years experience, Centrx is the most trusted Machine Shop/Contract Manufacturer serving Pittsburgh. All parts are manufactured to exact customer specifications using state-of-the-art machining processes and high-grade materials equating to high process and workmanship quality.  Machine Shop – Contract Manufacturing Services

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