Contract Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Of all the contract manufacturing in Pittsburgh you ended up at our website. Thank you for your interest in our company. We are here to machine any custom parts you need, either original or replacement.

There is no need to go elsewhere when you can have the parts you need produced by one of the best contract manufacturing services in Pittsburgh, Centrx Inc. By working with a local contract manufacturer, you save the hassle of trying to oversee your product manufacturing with a company across distant time zones.

We have been in business for over twenty years. We custom manufacture any kind of parts you need. You provide the design and we will do the rest. If you are still in the design stage and need a test model to work with, we can create a 3D print model which you can use to evaluate the design, make changes, and then finalize.

Reverse Engineering Service

If you have a part you need replicated, but no documentation, we can reverse engineer what you have and create an identical match. We can also use our reverse engineering skills if you have a part that is damaged or worn and need a new replacement but do not have the original design specifications.

Reverse engineering is not a service available from all contract manufacturers.

Once the final specifications are in place we can begin fabrication. Utilizing modern technologies and methodologies, some of which we created in-house, we can mill your part with precision, within fractions of a millimeter.

We have instituted quality assurance checks at every step along the way, from initial prep through manufacturing. This is what makes us one of the leading contract manufacturers in Pittsburgh.

We guarantee the quality and durability of our final product. The parts we fabricate may end up being used in circuit boards or part of a heavy machine. These parts may have to work in harsh environments of extreme temperatures or have a lot of force placed upon them. The materials we use are matched to the environment they will be in and the purpose they are to serve.

And do not worry if the work you need done contains proprietary information. We will sign and agree to keep the content of your work product secret.

The next step is up to you. Give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss your needs. We will introduce you to some of our team specialists and give you a tour of our design and production facilities. We are certain you will find us to be the right team for your project.