Contract Manufacturing: Why Green Manufacturing Matters

(Part 1)
There is a lot of talk in the transportation, food production & service, and consumer technologies sectors about the new focus on green processes and how business can help save the environment while also making money. But many in the manufacturing industry are just getting started. This article will lay out the argument for pursuing green manufacturing techniques in our production process



One of the primary motivations for seeking to reduce pollution and help eliminate waste in our manufacturing process is the desire to help the environment. As a species, we rely on our planet for food, water and shelter. However, we as a contract manufacturing company also rely on the Earth’s health for our business needs: we need things like renewable wood & paper, common and rare metals, and energy producing ingredients like coal, oil, water, and solar power in order for our company to remain in business and continue to make the products that we take so much pride in.
There would be no production without the metals, energy, and the base materials that allowed us to build our factories. It is in our best interest as a company, as citizens, and as human beings that we try to help our environment when we can.


The leadership and employees of Centrx live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania community. Our wives, husbands, children, siblings, and parents live in this community too. That is why it is so important to us that we do right by them during the manufacturing process. We believe that green manufacturing in the production process is important because we are loyal to our community: we not only want to bring jobs and income to our community, we want to help protects its land, waterways, and air for our families and our future generations.

The Bottom Line

Green contract manufacturing is profitable. I know many might be skeptical when reading that past sentence. How is switching to solar and wind power going to increase my profits? Well, green manufacturing processes include more than just utilizing green energy technology (although that certainly helps!); it is about using green energy, materials, training, and machinery to reduce energy consumption, utilize more green energy technologies, and reduce waste.

Green manufacturing processes means reducing idling machinery during non-busy hours. It means turning off the lights in unused areas of the factory or during closing hours. It means re-using excess metal to create new parts, recycling waste, and instituting an employee recycling program. Green manufacturing can also mean changing the company culture: instead of going out for beers after work and watching a game, your staff can adopt a section of the highway and help beautify your community. It might involve instituting a suggestion system so that employees can point out areas for improvement. Whatever measures you put in place, know that they can help both your company, your community, and your planet.

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Sequoiadendron Giganteum learn more? Giant Redwoods

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