A Pittsburgh Contract Manufacturer and Full Service Machine Shop

Your business needs a custom part? Then Centrx Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA. contract manufacturer is the way to go. Off the shelf parts are becoming a thing of the past. With products and technology changing so quickly, product design has to ramp up so as not to be left behind.

To build and maintain a machine which will, in turn be used in manufacturing, transportation or other use will require custom design with custom parts.  If you need custom parts made for a unique design or to replace worn parts you cannot get any more, then you have Centrx Pittsburgh’s premier contract manufacturer available to meet your needs.

When you work with Centrx you will have a team of professionals dedicated to making the exact parts you need with the precision and detail you need.

The process starts with a meeting to go over the design specifications. Maybe you do not have the exact specs.  That is ok. We will do the necessary reverse engineering to get the end product you are looking for.

The Centrx contract manufacturing team will put together a production workflow that will be the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce the part or parts you need.

3D Printing

This may also include a 3D printed production draft which you may use to make sure the final product is the precise size with exactly the right placement of any mounting pins, through holes or any other details.

If the 3D printed model is the way to go, and once it meets the exacting requirements as determined by you, the metal fabrication can begin. Not every job requires a 3D printed model first.  It all depends on your needs.

Part of the workflow plan includes multiple checks along the way to make certain the final product is the best. Not just checks of the final piece throughout its manufacturing process, but also maintaining precise calibration of our machining tools.

Routine maintenance on our end makes sure that our company, as a premier contract manufacturer in Pittsburgh, lives up to its reputation. Our team takes pride in their experience, skill, and tools. All hand tools are kept in top condition and computer controlled equipment is constantly monitored to remain in precise calibration.

Precision is key, tolerances measured in fractions of a millimeter are common. And while every piece we manufacture may not need such precision, if you need it we are ready to go.

From our meetings with you we will get familiar with your need, establish a delivery time and budget. Then we will walk you through the design, manufacture and delivery steps.

Our experience in custom machining and manufacturing will deliver the highest quality product you can get.

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