Six reasons to get your next SCR Clamp Quote from Centrx a young attractive woman holding up a scr heat sink she is smiling and looking at the camera

  1. The Company’s Reputation
    The single feature of a business that indicates their probability of being a successful vendor is reputation. Check this out before making the decision to go with that company. As an OEM supplier, they can hold your assembly line hostage or lead to staggeringly costly recalls for substandard quality. This could affect both your bottom line and your own reputation. Researching a company’s reputation is easy. Check the Better Business Bureau for unsatisfied complaints and do a search engine review of their company name to see what others are saying about them. A half dozen negative comments can show a pattern. 
  1. We practice what we preach in selecting our own vendors
    Our vendors are the best available and we source only quality materials to make each model of SCR Clamp, whether standard or custom. We contract with suppliers with reputations matching our own, use consistent quality base materials and maintain an unswerving dedication to reliable delivery schedules.
  1. Our workforce
    When you deal with our team, you reach people who speak perfect American English, because they have been doing it their entire lives. So there is nothing lost in the translation that can lead to delays. You’ll also appreciate that all the work is done right here in the United States of America in Pennsylvania, by American workers who share your culture and values.
  1. Quotes you can count on
    Our team prides itself on providing fast, reliable quotes you can count on. You will not receive low ball pricing that is not really the “out the door” price from Centrx. We let you know exactly what the fee will be so you can make accurate pricing decisions for your own products.
  1. The right product for you
    Our standard SCR clamp line offers an excellent range of products, plus our custom design capability means you can get exactly the SCR clamp you need to meet your products’ needs, with no compromises required. Our products are also the thinnest in the industry featuring strength and heat dissipation characteristics matching or surpassing larger competitors plus the smaller, lighter size equates to less weight and smaller housing cabinetry for your product.
  1. Reliable delivery schedules
    All these blend together to afford us an ability to fulfill our delivery schedule promises that is second to none in the industry. All the efforts of our team are focused on manufacturing the best product for your application and delivering it to you exactly when you need it. Make the SCR clamp one of the least worrisome parts of your process. Get your next quote from Centrx.
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