A Leader in Manufacturing Ethics

Quality Products

Centrx is committed to producing the world’s highest performing, longest lasting, and most compact SCR Heatsinks. We accomplish this through a company-wide focus on manufacturing precision and quality, with an emphasis on safe manufacturing protocols using top-quality input materials. We will never skimp on base material quality, worker training, or rigorous post-production testing to ensure that every SCR Heatsink that you receive from Centrx will continue to meet expectations.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing any component including SCR Heatsinks is an inherently dangerous task, but it is one that can be made safer through a commitment to safe manufacturing processes, enhanced employee training and safety courses, and through regular maintenance of all industrial components used in the manufacturing process. Our employees are not only the building block of our business and commercial success, they are a part of the Centrx family. We owe it to them and their loved ones to ensure that they return home safely every night, and their safety is the primary concern during the SCR Heatsinks manufacturing process.

Environmental Protection

At Centrx, we strongly believe that it is possible to manufacture industry-leading SCR Heatsinks, help to protect and strengthen our environment, and make a profit all at the same time. Manufacturing anything uses energy and produces waste. That is a given. But through smart manufacturing processes, a commitment to reducing energy usage and using renewable energy sources when possible, and limiting CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, that we can all do our part too.

Workplace Equality & Inclusion

Centrx and our parent company, Centrx, Inc., are committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce through fair and open hiring practices, leadership training, and by fostering an open dialogue among colleagues. Our team is also focused on extending employment and leadership opportunities to U.S. military veterans and their families.

Legal Compliance

Centrx is dedicated to following all applicable federal, state, and local regulations during the manufacture and sale of SCR Heatsinks and other machinery parts. We do this first and foremost by working to foster a company culture of corporate responsibility and dedication to safety, where each employee is responsible for ensuring legal compliance in their work, that of their colleagues, and of their supervisors. This is why we empower each employee with the ability to bring legal compliance concerns directly to senior management, to be investigated and verified immediately.

In addition, Centrx conducts regular legal and safety training with each individual staff member, ensuring that all employees operate in a safe and well-regulated environment, and that every SCR Heatsink and mechanical part that leaves Centrx is built to perform correctly every single time.