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Centrx manufactures a diverse range of standard or typical press pak SCR Clamps utilized in power design applications. With so many models, sizes and other trait criteria Engineers aren’t forced to accept a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Implementation of a Clamp in an electrical design has been always very specific in terms of requirements. Today’s designs demand space, weight and economic conservation and drive the needs for exacting Clamps that meet only those needs. No room or expense for ‘extra’ or ‘unnecessary’.


Case Study: August 2016

Centrx Liquid-Cooled Three Phase Switch Design Conserves Space and Reduces Weight While Maintaining Thermal Performance


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Four SCR Clamp Design Lines

SCR Clamp MITE-8
The Mite-8 is an inch series design and also produced RoHS compliant. These clamps share the same Head and Base Bars and therefore often implemented when the requirement for ‘low profile’ Insulator Cups exist. This series also utilizes a spring loaded Indicator that self-trips when the pre-set force has been reached.


The OEM line (aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) is the most extensive. It is produced as metric and is RoHS compliant. This rugged and reliable line is the most economical and is the most diverse (through its expanse of available styles and sizes). Truly for the production and volume market.


Custom Clamps complete the offering. Today’s demand for aggressive and pioneering electrical designs call more and more for Customs. If the Clamp you need can’t be found in our extensive library of Standards it’s not a problem. We do Custom Clamps. Regardless if your need is for higher forces (we’ve done over 100 kN), or a much longer Clamp (we’ve built up to 840mm (33″), three or four posts, require additional or special machining features we can do it. Submit your design or call to get started. Learn more

Traditional SCR ClampsTraditional

The Traditional series parallels the older Euro designs. It is more costly since it incorporates larger Head and Base Bars and includes a Presser (or Spreader) Bar. Designs calling for Rockers and Spreaders are accommodated with this series. It too is RoHS and available in metric or inch.

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