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    Machine Shop Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    If you are in the market for your next manufacturer of SCR Bar Clamps, you know how it important it is to work with a manufacturer who takes quality assurance seriously. Failure to guarantee the quality of your manufactured products can lead to catastrophic failure of these components while they are in use, causing […]

    Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

    One of the most important movements to influence American manufacturing in the past century is the introduction of the lean manufacturing philosophy. Lean manufacturing, a systemic approach to reducing waste and increasing profits, was taken from the Toyota Production System, an approach developed by the Toyota company in the 1970s, which lead to decreases […]

    Modern Manufacturing

    Modern Manufacturing

    At Centrx, our company’s leadership is committed to staying abreast of, and implementing, developments in modern manufacturing technology that allows us to improve the performance and reliability of our SCR Heat Sinks and SCR Clamps.

    Manufacturing technologies and practices have changed dramatically over the past century, with new developments such as the use of computers, […]

    Why Is A Quality Heat Sink So Important?

    Why Is A Quality Heat Sink So Important?

    While shopping for a new SCR Liquid Heat SInk manufacturer and evaluating the various pros and cons of each supplier, you may begin to wonder why a quality SCR Liquid Heat Sink is so important. This is an excellent question, and this answer will demonstrate why it is […]

    How SCR Heat Sinks Protect your Power Controller (Part 1)


    How SCR Heat Sinks Protect Power Controllers

    When deciding on components for your major electronic systems, it is vitally important that excess energy and heat is properly expelled from your system to prevent overheating and catastrophic meltdown.

    Initially developed in the 1950s, Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers, sometimes referred to […]

    Our Business Ethics in Manufacturing

    A Leader in Manufacturing Ethics

    Quality Products

    Centrx is committed to producing the world’s highest performing, longest lasting, and most compact SCR Heatsinks. We accomplish this through a company-wide focus on manufacturing precision and quality, with an emphasis on safe manufacturing protocols using top-quality input materials. We will never skimp on […]

    The Right SCR Heat Sink Vendor

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    The Right SCR Heat Sink Vendor

    When you are in search of an SCR heat sink manufacturer to get the job done for you, it is important to look for an option […]

    Proper Installation of Industrial Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Clamps

    Centrx is a Premier SCR Bar Clamp Resource

    A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is an electronic device that is most often used for power control, and belongs to a family of semiconductors that include transistors and diodes. The term SCR is often used interchangeably with the term “thyristor” to describe a device that is able to adjust large […]

    Important Figures in American SCR Manufacturing

    Important Figures in American SCR Manufacturing

    Important Historical Figures in American SCR ManufacturingOver the course of American history, a select group of individuals are considered responsible for the vast majority of technical and philosophical changes in the American SCR manufacturing industry. From Henry Ford to Samuel Slater, the following figures […]

    Six reasons to get your next SCR Clamp Quote from Centrx

    Six reasons to get your next SCR Clamp Quote from Centrx a young attractive woman holding up a scr heat sink she is smiling and looking at the camera

    1. The Company’s Reputation
      The single feature of a business that indicates their probability of being a successful vendor is […]