Full Service Manufacturer

Centrx, Inc. is a full service manufacturer for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious alloys and plastics. From precision machining to assembly, our manufacturing services are trusted by companies of every size and kind. We pride ourselves on being a Premier Contract full service manufacturer, so your needs as our client will be met, guaranteed. Some of our services include:

CNC Milling and Turning. Our use of state of the art equipment with milling and turning allows us to provide exact machining processes according to our client’s needs.

CNC Screw Machining. With utilization of CNC screw machining, we are able to quickly and efficiently provide our services to our clients.

Precision Machining. Our machining standards are held at the highest, and when you need precision, we deliver, providing state of the art precision machining.

Bus Bar Manufacturing. Electrical companies are in regular need of bus bars. Centrx manufactures bus bars to exact customer requirements.

Stamping. Our stamping services include embossing, blanking, flanging, coining, bending, and more to customer specifications.

Assembly and Finishing. Apart from manufacturing and machining products, our services include assembly and finishing techniques. As a Premier Contract Manufacturer, we’re with our clients every step of the way.

Quality Testing. Our quality testing measures ensure product is manufactured to exact customer specifications. See Page 3 “Quality Assurance”

Dies and Tooling. Jigs, fixtures, cutting tools, machine tools, dies, molds, gauges, etc.

Anodizing and Plating. We provide surface preparations for powder coating, anodizing, electro-plating and other coatings for chemical, weather and impact resistance, along with wear and abrasion protection.

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