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Where Centrx Experts Share Expertise and Knowledge

At Centrx, we find or compose new articles about Machine Shops, Machining and other related topics to share with our customers. Sharing that information through our blog is a key part of our mission to help people see and understand our company, commitment to quality, our machining capabilities, and our services.

Read from any of the Articles below and share  on social media, leave a comment to help other visitors, or leave a suggestion/idea for us. Anything you wish to say is welcome.

2107, 2018

Centrx Inc. Is A Full Service Machining Shop And Contract Manufacturing Company Serving Pittsburgh PA. And The Surrounding Area

Centrx Inc. is a contract manufacturing company located near Pittsburgh, PA. and we take pride in our customer service. Clients rely on us to be their contract manufacturing company who will provide the highest quality manufacturing with great precision in the production of every individual component. Whether our clients need a prototype or finished parts they can count on everything being manufactured to their exacting specifications. And we do so in the most cost efficient manner. We start with a meeting with the client and go over all the details of the part or parts to be manufactured. Sometimes [...]

1607, 2018

Centrx Inc. A Pittsburgh PA. Contract Manufacturer

A Pittsburgh Contract Manufacturer and Full Service Machine Shop Your business needs a custom part? Then Centrx Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA. contract manufacturer is the way to go. Off the shelf parts are becoming a thing of the past. With products and technology changing so quickly, product design has to ramp up so as not to be left behind. To build and maintain a machine which will, in turn be used in manufacturing, transportation or other use will require custom design with custom parts.  If you need custom parts made for a unique design or to replace worn parts you [...]

1602, 2017

Why Choose A Pittsburgh Machine Shop?

Why Choose A Pittsburgh Manufacturing Company? Why Should You Choose A Pittsburgh Contract Manufacturing - Machine Shop  Company? Like most business owners who rely on Machine Shops or Contract Manufacturing Companies, you have come across both American and Chinese manufacturing companies. Both seem to offer the same products and services, but at significantly different price points, and you have probably asked yourself: what’s the difference? Why does a company like Centrx offer higher prices for our Components, when a Chinese manufacturing concern offers a reduced price for their “identical” Components? Well, the simple answer is that they are not [...]

2212, 2016

Selecting a Qualified Component Manufacturer (Part 1)

How to Select Your Next Contract Manufacturer Choosing a new component manufacturer for your business needs can be a stressful and uncertain ordeal. However, once armed with the right knowledge and list of questions to ask, the process becomes a relatively straightforward task. Quality & Performance When comparing multiple contract manufacturers, the most important things to search for are quality workmanship, long-lasting performance, and uncommon reliability. Ask yourself how much trust you have in your current outsourced component  vendor and whether you can afford to risk your business on the performance of sub-par parts. Our components [...]

2112, 2016

Selecting a Qualified Component Manufacturer (Part 2)

How to Select Your Next Pittsburgh Area Component Manufacturer (Part 2) Are you still searching for a top-notch manufacturer to create the type of electronic components that you need to succeed? Previously we showed you how to vet manufacturers by examining quality, performance, reputation, and the finer points of their project quotes. In this article, we will continue to guide you through the process of selecting a manufacturer by taking a close look at factors outside of a component’s price, such as reliability, capacity, and operating life. In addition, we will take a close look at manufacturer warranties and [...]

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