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Where Centrx Experts Share Expertise and Knowledge

At Centrx, we find or compose new articles about Machine Shops, Machining and other related topics to share with our customers. Sharing that information through our blog is a key part of our mission to help people see and understand our company, commitment to quality, our machining capabilities, and our services.

Read from any of the Articles below and share  on social media, leave a comment to help other visitors, or leave a suggestion/idea for us. Anything you wish to say is welcome.

2509, 2018

Traditional v. Lean Machine Shop Manufacturing

Traditional v. Lean Machine Shop Practices: Similarities and Differences From the very beginning of machine shop manufacturing, industrial firms followed a specific set of guidelines. When running their business, the focus was on sales forecasts and a top-down approach to improving the production process. However, when lean manufacturing emerged in the 1970s, it turned the world of manufacturing completely upside-down. Read on to learn more about the differences between the two philosophies. As well as how we apply modern lean Machine Shop principles to our production processes. Traditional Machine Shop Manufacturing Traditional manufacturing was [...]

1509, 2018

The Latest Machine Shop High-Tech Advancements

Latest Machine Shop Technologies Centrx Inc. Your Machine Shop in Pittsburgh PA Industry 4.0: have you heard of it? Machine shop technology evolves continuously over time, bringing us to the current, fourth era of the industrial revolution. The era of steam and water powered tools was Industry 1.0.  And Industry 2.0 issued in the era of electricity.  Industry 3.0 welcomed computers into the machine shop. Industry 4.0 takes on the internet. Around 2011 is when we officially entered industrial revolution 4.0 .  Far more reaching than just connecting a computer to a drilling machine or lathe, now the [...]

2908, 2018

Industry Leading Machine Shop Service

Industry Leading Machine Shop Customer Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  Centrx could not be considered part the service industry. We machine OEM parts and a broad spectrum of other tools and parts for manufacturing. But that doesn’t mean service can’t be a core part of who we are. Customer service that is. Here’s why we think customer service is so important: Happy Clients: Customers are our number one priority, apart from providing industry leading products that exceed all expectations. If we don’t shine in dealing with our clients, our products won’t shine either, no matter how good [...]

1608, 2018

Why Green Manufacturing Matters

Contract Manufacturing: Why Green Manufacturing Matters (Part 1) There is a lot of talk in the transportation, food production & service, and consumer technologies sectors about the new focus on green processes and how business can help save the environment while also making money. But many in the manufacturing industry are just getting started. This article will lay out the argument for pursuing green manufacturing techniques in our production process Why? Environment One of the primary motivations for seeking to reduce pollution and help eliminate waste in our manufacturing process is the desire to help the environment. As a [...]

2507, 2018

Contract Manufacturing in Pittsburgh

Contract Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Of all the contract manufacturing in Pittsburgh you ended up at our website. Thank you for your interest in our company. We are here to machine any custom parts you need, either original or replacement. There is no need to go elsewhere when you can have the parts you need produced by one of the best contract manufacturing services in Pittsburgh, Centrx Inc. By working with a local contract manufacturer, you save the hassle of trying to oversee your product manufacturing with a company across distant time zones. We have been in [...]

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