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Where Centrx Experts Share Expertise and Knowledge

At Centrx, we find or compose new articles about Machine Shops, Machining and other related topics to share with our customers. Sharing that information through our blog is a key part of our mission to help people see and understand our company, commitment to quality, our machining capabilities, and our services.

Read from any of the Articles below and share  on social media, leave a comment to help other visitors, or leave a suggestion/idea for us. Anything you wish to say is welcome.

701, 2019

Machine Shop Client Services

Centrx: Machine Shop Client Services At Centrx, our customers are as important as our employees, from the CEO to the manufacturing technician. Our Promise We are committed to holding each and every customer service interaction to the same rigorous standards that we hold our manufactured parts to. It is our sincere belief that, in addition to the quality and performance of our Machine Shop components, it is our customer service that transforms a satisfied  customer into a long-term business partner. American Made Centrx is also committed to manufacturing all of our parts in the [...]

112, 2018

Great Reasons To Buy American Machine Shop Components?

Why Buy American Machine Shop components? For many working in product procurement and industrial manufacturing, there is an interest in working with manufacturing companies that exclusively sell American Machine Shop components. While the phrase “Buy American” is widely known and used by the industry and general public alike, there is usually little attention paid to the reasoning behind that statement. This article will provide a detailed explanation of why you should buy American Machine Shop components, and how working with an American manufacturing company can benefit American workers, the consumer, and your own company. American [...]

2711, 2018

Corporate Responsibility at Centrx

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility At Centrx, we understand that selecting a Machine Shop partner is about more than securing the best price. It's about partnering with a Machine Shop who understands your business goals. And who shares your ethical approach to doing business. That’s why we follow this approach to corporate responsibility in every aspect of our manufacturing business.   Employee Safety Our employees are the most important resource and responsibility Centrx has to consider. Centrx is dedicated to creating a Machine Shop that manufactures the highest quality products. And is a safe working environment for all our [...]

1711, 2018

New Technologies in the Pittsburgh Machine Shop Cloud

The Newest Technologies in the Machine Shop Cloud You have certainly heard of cloud computing by now: placing your entire work product in the cloud allows access and collaboration by individuals located anywhere in the world where there is internet access.  But can a machine shop operate in the cloud? Not only can a machine shop operate in the cloud, to be competitive and to expand their customer base, it essential.  A modernized machine shop is not fully up to Industry 4.0 standards if it is not working in the cloud.   IoT [...]

2710, 2018

Modern Machine Shop with 20 Plus Years of Quality Machine Shop Experience

Centrx Inc. Your Modern Machine Shop Serving Pittsburgh And Surrounding Area We Offer 20 Plus Years of Experience As A Go-To Modern Machine Shop. As you develop your project and begin to design all the parts required for assembly, you are bound to need pieces which are not common place.  This is where a Modern Machine Shop comes in.  We are able to review with you all the design specs you have for each and every part you require. Precision is the name of the game.  Interlocking pieces must be within fractions of a millimeter. [...]

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