Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

High definition image of the earth from space with blue lines embracing the planetAt Centrx, we understand that selecting a manufacturing partner is about more than securing the best price, it is about partnering with a company who understands your business goals and who shares your ethical approach to doing business. That’s why we follow this approach to corporate responsibility in every aspect of our manufacturing business.

Employee Safety

Our employees are our most important resource and responsibility. Centrx is dedicated to creating a safe working environment for our employees. This is not only the ethical thing to do, but it also helps our bottom line and your company by helping us minimize costs, retain the best employees, and establish our industry-wide reputation as the leading American manufacturer of SCR Clamps.

Quality Products

You engage with a manufacturing company because of one primary objective: to receive high-quality, long-lasting components at a reasonable price. That’s why Centrx is committed to producing the highest-quality components designed to last well past their estimated service life. We understand that the best way to develop a strong reputation is by producing the best products in the industry.

Customer Service

One of the most important considerations for the corporate office team at Centrx is the need to ensure an excellent customer service experience for our customers at every level of interaction with our team, from your initial sales rep, to your interactions with our engineering and delivery teams. We strongly believe that the best way to create long-lasting relationships with our customers is by producing great products and providing the best customer service in the industry.

Accurate Delivery

We understand how frustrating it can be to have key components for your firm delayed by weeks or months because of an inaccurate, or even false, delivery estimate. Many manufacturing companies that produce SCR Clamps believe that it is better to just secure a customer by providing a misleading quote, because once a customer has signed a contract and are dependent on receiving your components, they will just deal with any delays that develop as a “cost of doing business.”

That’s not how we operate at Centrx. Our goal is to underpromise and overdeliver, so we will always provide you with an accurate delivery quote on all of your orders, even if an accurate quote makes us a less attractive option in comparison to your competitors. That’s because we understand how important accurate delivery quotes are to your business: a week-long delay could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Environmental Concern

At Centrx, we are committed to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in both our production line, including our SCR Clamps, and in our corporate office. We understand that our customers are concerned not only about purchasing high-quality products that come with excellent customer service, but that they want to help ensure that they are sourcing their components in an ethically-conscious manner.