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Contract Manufacturing in Pittsburgh

Contract Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Of all the contract manufacturing in Pittsburgh you ended up at our website. Thank you for your interest in our company. We are here to machine any custom parts you need, either original or replacement.

There is no need to go elsewhere when you can have […]

Centrx Inc. A Pittsburgh PA. Contract Manufacturer

A Pittsburgh Contract Manufacturer and Full Service Machine Shop

Your business needs a custom part? Then Centrx Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA. contract manufacturer is the way to go. Off the shelf parts are becoming a thing of the past. With products and technology changing so quickly, product design has to ramp up so as not […]

Selecting a Qualified Component Manufacturer (Part 1)

How to Select Your Next Contract Manufacturer

Choosing a new component manufacturer for your business needs can be a stressful and uncertain ordeal. However, once armed with the right knowledge and list of questions to ask, the process becomes a relatively straightforward task.

Quality & […]

Contract Manufacturing Services In The 21st Century

21st Century Contract Manufacturing Services in Pittsburgh

Over the past century, there have been a variety of developments in Contract Manufacturing, including changes in computers, worker training, efficiency, regulations, and the size of the machining equipment.

However, one of the most important and often overlooked developments in 21st century Machine Shops has been the use of data […]